Mar 202016

We’re going to have fun talking about the Pacific Coast Trail. But before we get into a consideration of the terrain and the specifics that I want to recommend, it is important to consider your gear and what you will need for the hike. Every year hundreds of hikers are rescued from trails where something bad happens and they find themselves unable to get out. Sometimes this is for a good reason such as a broken bone where they can I put weight on it or because there’s been some sort of catastrophic whether or there has been a catastrophic sickness. But oftentimes the rescues are avoidable. A rescue can run anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars if you have to hire a helicopter and requires a lot of manpower. That is a lot of money! You want to avoid this if you can not only for your own safety but also for the safety of your wallet. So let us discuss what it requires to go hiking. Of course the most important part of your hiking gear is the shoes. A good pair of shoes when hiking can make or break your experience.

A bad pair of shoes or a pair of shoes that rubs you the wrong way will not only be uncomfortable and painful but could also be very dangerous if the shoes cause blisters and those blisters blow up or become acted. when you are choosing a pair of shoes of course you want to decide if you think they look good but most importantly you need to consider two things the fit to your foot and also the structure of the shoe. There are different kinds of hiking shoes for different kinds of terrain. There are amphibious hiking shoes which are not waterproof that allow water in. These are ideal if you think that you were going to be tramping through streams or walking through a wet areas where are you want your foot to be able to breathe. On the other side of the spectrum or shoes that are coated in GorTex and are waterproof. These are good because they protect your feet from witness but if you are feet sweat then they can become damp and the skin can become swollen and dead and it’s something that you want to avoid. Ultimately the health of your feet is the paramount concern when choosing a shoe.

My advice is that you buy a shoe with a very structured ankle like a boot. The extra support on your ankle will ensure that you do not turn your ankle but will also take pressure and work out of your feet and legs and cause you to be able to fatigue less quickly and to go more miles. It big structure boot that is waterproof and will also protect your ankles is the best bet. When she using it is very important to make sure that you walk around the store a lot to see if there any points of pain. Whenever you are going out into nature away from your own surroundings which are relatively predictable you always need to make sure that you prepare yourself for what could happen out in nature. Often times I will see people hiking in flip-flops and tank tops with no sunscreen and a water bottle and I wonder how long it will take before they have a rough experience and learn the error of their ways. It is important when going out into nature not just to consider what I think will happen but also what could happen. And being outside leaves you vulnerable to many different things that you need to prepare for ahead of time so that when they do occur you are not left in a dangerous situation.

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