Jun 042016

Let’s continue our discussion of precautions for the Pacific Coast Trail. While you are on the hike is important to keep an eye on the weather and also on the time of day to make sure you have enough time to get back to the start of the hike before it gets dark. If it does get dark then that’s why you brought your flashlight, but it is always better to hike in broad daylight because there’s less of a chance of you getting lost and less possibility of hurting yourself. Also important to try and not disturb any wildlife while you are on the hike. Try to stick to trails that have already been established that you don’t crush and hurt any wildlife including plants.

While you were on the hike is important to watch out for dangers as well such as poisonous snakes as well as brakes in the path where you could trip and fall. In the event that you do get bit by a snake which are very common in California then it is important that you not trying to suck it out yourself but call for help immediately. When you’re back from the hike is important to check for ticks that may have brushed off onto your clothing while you on the hike. Ticks carry Lyme disease and suck blood and can be very harmful to your health if they are not found. If you do have a tick it is best to try and pick it out but if it is very deep inside your skin then the best way to get rid of it is to hold a capful of rubbing alcohol over it. That will cause it to open its legs and then you can move it. If you have a dog on your hike is very important to check the dog for ticks, but they often brush past even more vegetation than you would.

California is a beautiful state with very serene and beautiful trails all over. Whether you are in Joshua Tree or Big Sur, the Park Service maintains many different trails and parks for you to get outside and explore. If you’re in California or planning the hike be sure that you follow the guidelines to make sure that you have a beautiful time and are free of danger. Hiking is one of the best forms of exercise and is one of the most low-impact high-reward low-risk high-reward activities that you can do. When you are hiking is important to consider many different factors before you go to make sure that you have a good time and a safe time and that you do not get in over your head and enjoy everything that nature has to offer you can read more here www.wholehousefanman.com. Thinking is not only a great form of exercise but a great way to see nature and the world around you. If you have a keen eyes and you can see many different kinds of flora and fauna throughout the California area and experience the riches that California has to offer. In these blog post I hope to give you insights and help into all kinds of hikes as well as tips and tricks in order to wring the most out of the experience it.

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