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Why is Halo 4 so underrated?

OP SergeantCaleb56

I am not trying to be a jerk, I'm just curious. In my opinion, halo 4 has one of the best multiplayers, and a pretty ok cainpain. Is it because you can sprint? Is it because of the cainpain? Please leave you opinion below.
I think most people were fine with the campaign, and i personally think the split screen multiplayer is great. (I haven't played online on 4 enough to say if it's good.) But I've seen a lot of people say that the multiplayer is bad, and since that's one of the main attractions then that's probably why. Also they added some things like forunner weapons and Sprint and such which certain people way deem good or bad, I personally love Halo 4 though and most of it's changes though.
Loadouts were one of the biggest issues - unequal starts is kind of something that has never really been in the spirit of Halo, and it took a lot of balancing to get them where they needed to be. Not just the guns, but all the little extra perks as well. Removing sprint as an AA kind of threw the Reach unequal starts to the wind, because now everyone has sprint PLUS an ability. Especially with guns like the boltshot, starting off with a BR and what basically was a shotgun isn't exactly even. Now of course, everyone could do it - but not everyone did. Same goes for the plasma pistol - rendered a lot of vehicular combat ineffective because you could start with an overcharge and sticks.

Now, that being said - a lot of the same arguments about loadouts were made about Reach too, but Reach balanced them better by having sprint be one of the loadouts (as previously stated). It's just that Halo 4 added so much more, including the weapon drop, that took it a little bit too far. I would also say that most of the maps were pretty forgettable as well.

I still say the campaign is very good. Spartan Ops and multiplayer weren't, as much.
I probably had to do with adding forerunner weapons, changing the art style, and adding customized loadouts. I like Halo 4 for me it has a great campaign and multiplayer online and offline.
For me, it's because Halo 4 was a massive tonal shift for the whole series. Taken as a single game, nothing about it is especially bad. Taken as a sequel to every Bungie Era Halo game, it felt off to some of us.

I felt like the more personal campaign, while good in principal, was executed in a way that felt unbelievable to me due to what seemed like sudden changes in Chief and Cortana's portrayal and the general aesthetic and art direction of the game. The biggest problems were how the UNSC in general and Cheif and Cortana in particular just suddenly seemed like different people than they'd been at the end of Halo 3. That's just my opinion, but I know a lot of people generally vibed with that at about the time it came out, and it affected our immersion and suspension of disbelief when it came to 343i introducing the Promethians, Didact, and Storm Covenant factions.

On the MP side of things? I don't think it was especially bad either, but it was a bit vapid. The loadout system was pretty bad for even-keeled competitive play and the linear progression was a change of pace (for better or worse) from Reach's insane Inheritor ceiling and cR system.

It wasn't really Sprint or even Armor Abilities per se (these were in Reach, Although I think a few of H4's were pretty egregious, especially in concert with player loadouts *cough* *Promethian Vision and Boltshot corner campers*).

Ultimately, it's like any time a new creative force takes over a long-established franchise and begins to tweak it; some people love the changes and other people can't stand them. I was supremely disappointed in Halo 4 when it came out after being way too excited for it for the years leading up to its release, and I spent years here on the forums complaining about that game and tearing it apart (sometimes fairly, sometimes not). I've ultimately softened on it a little bit, but I still can't entirely get on board with it due to how it recontextualizes Chief and Cortana's characters (mostly their relationship) and started the whole series in a direction I haven't been very fond of since.

Hope this is a reasonable answer to your question and can help you understand where some of us H4 not-so-much fans are coming from! I don't hold it against you or anyone else for enjoying Halo 4, these are just some of the reasons why it has never really worked for me.
I personally like H4 it's campaign and mp. My dude swears up and down Reach is better but I digress. Reach is prolly the slowest MP of them all imho. I think 4 is the fastest next to H2. Which is obv my favorite.
It's a game that abandoned what made Halo successful in order to chase the increasing success of Call of Duty and other franchises. Quick time events, custom classes, perks, killstreaks, sprinting, and even a drastically different approach to visuals, music, and multiplayer map design (a requirement because of the new gameplay elements) robbed Halo of its identity. The game was also dumbed down considerably by pointing out where things like vehicles and power weapons spawned, increased bullet magnetism, and other things which held the player's hand.

It simply wasn't the experience people bought Halo games for, and it's largely Halo in name (and, loosely, visuals) only.
I loved the campaign the first time around. I don't really like it nowadays but the multiplayer is/was always a blast. I'm sentimental toward the game because I was working for Best Buy at the time and worked the midnight release for it and got a bunch of freebies Microsoft gave us and the customers. Went home after and co-oped the campaign all night. It was a great night.