Mar 172016

Hiking The Pacific Coast Trail —

Hiking is one of the best forms of exercise and also a fantastic way to see nature and get outside. Hiking in California is particularly beautiful and offers many different sorts of trails and options for anyone from the seasoned professional hiker to the novice. The Pacific Coast Trail is famous as one of the most challenging but also one of the most beautiful of all the trails in the country. The Pacific Coast Trail runs all the way from Mexico to Canada and passes through three states. The trail is very beautiful and a great way to see all of the different landscapes and topographies of California. From the desert climates all the way to the forested mountains with redwood trees, the Pacific Coast Trail covers all of the different zones and topographical areas of California. The Pacific Coast Trail is a connection of a bunch of little trails that all join together to create one long path.

The Pacific Coast Trail has been made famous by a Reese Witherspoon movie called Wild where she attempts to traverse the entire Pacific Coast Trail in order to find some spiritual healing for some trauma that she had experienced. In the film she attempts this as a novice without any experience and makes it through okay, but because of this film many novices have tried to hike the trail and have ended up needing rescue and come very close to serious danger. The Pacific Coast Trail is a extremely challenging and diverse and very difficult trail to follow. It is not recommended that you attempt to hike the whole thing on your own. To start out with instead it is recommended that you try certain sections of it at a time to get a feel for a skill level and also your athleticism. However if you do find that you are able to hike the trail you will be rewarded by some of the most transcendent natural beautiful experiences in California and coming face-to-face with some of the most beautiful landscape trees and creatures.

The Pacific Coast Trail is often designated as protected refuge and wildlife space and connects many of the national parks of the State of California. In this blog post will be dissecting the various parts of the Pacific Coast Trail as well as give tips for equipment and strategy for any hikers attempting to do the Pacific Coast Trail . It is important when attempting any sort of hike to be honest and direct with yourself about your athleticism and physical ability. Hiking is an extremely rewarding and challenging form of exercise however it should not be attempted lightly.

It is very important to remember that you’re putting yourself in Mother Nature and this is a place where oftentimes conditions can switch without warning and without shelter you can be at risk and in danger of exposure to the elements as well as a injury. However if you are up to the challenge and hiking the Pacific Coast Trail is one of the most rewarding and beautiful experiences that you could possibly have. There are many rest stops and areas on the way where you can stop and reprovision and rest in between sections of the hike. There are also many blogs and websites of people who have attempted it and made the trek themselves and these are very good resources to research before making any attempt to the trailer itself. If you do have any questions about the trail itself or preparing for it please reach out via email. Otherwise stay tuned to this blog for tips and updates and more information about the Pacific Coast Trail and hopefully this will inspire you to attempt it yourself.



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